How to Read Thai

How to Read Thai was the first book of its kind to walk you through learning to read Thai script.

Considered my many to be too difficult for Westerners to read, we came up with just 6 simple rules to help you master it. Yes, just 6.

If you didn't click on the image above and to the right to look inside the book, you can take a look now:

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The Learn Thai Alphabet application.

A video about learning the Thai alphabet. Learning the Thai alphabet is a prerequisite for learning how to read Thai (of course). But you don't need to know it all when you begin. You just need to be working towards it.

Quest: QUick, Easy, Simple Thai

Learning Thai Your Great Adventure

Learning Thai, Your Great Adventure is the first book in our Quest (Quick, Easy,Simple Thai) series.

Starting with a quick introduction to the Thai language, it then moves on to the consonants.

Unlike the English language, where consonants and vowels are intermixed within the alphabet (a, b, c, d, e, f…), in the Thai language they’re separate. As such, it makes sense to learn the consonants first and then the vowels.

Following which, we then go into the tiniest bit of grammar (who wants to spend time at the start learning grammar!), just enough so you can see that a sentence in Thai is constructed in much the same way as in English, and then onwards from that.

Learn Thai Alphabet with Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure

When compared with the 21 consonants and 5 vowels that the English alphabet contains, the 44 consonants and 32 vowels in the Thai alphabet might seem a trifle overwhelming – they aren’t. Learn Thai Alphabet with Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure (MATYGA) makes learning the Thai alphabet quick and easy.

Maybe you’ve tried other methods?

You’ve tried learning them by rote…

…by tables…

….by trying to group them into patterns (by shape, sound, and so on); but, believe me when I say “We tried this and it doesn’t work.”

Yes, there are patterns; yes, there are reasons why the shapes, sounds, and other characteristics are what they are…

…but in the beginning stages, isn’t it enough to just learn them?

To get speaking and reading Thai?

Sure, you can learn the academic stuff later; it’ll still be there.

For now though, why not put the tables and patterns aside, and learn the entire alphabet in a few hours with easy to remember pictures.

The Perfect Thai Phrasebook

The Perfect Thai Phrasebook is book 3 in our Quest: Quick, Easy, Simple Thaisystem for teaching you the Thai language.

Because of the different in scripts, a lot of Thai phrasebooks place no emphasis on Thai script, relying on transliterated Thai (or if they do have Thai script, the font size is so small it’s unreadable to all but a native Thai). Guess what?

Most Thais won’t have a clue about transliterated Thai. Why would they though?

So, with this in mind, we designed our phrasebook so the Thai script is of equal size to the other text.

This way, not only can you use the phrasebook in the normal manner, but you can start to see the Thai script, become familiar with it; and, if you later decide to learn to read Thai, this simple little phrasebook will be your instant aide-memoire to learning, reading, and speaking Thai.

The Quest System

All of our books and apps together makes up our Quest system. Quick, Easy, Simple Thai.

Unlike other books and courses, our system is designed to take you from beginner through to being able to read Thai. A tall order in the beginning, you may think, but the reality is otherwise - it's not as difficult as you'd think.

The entire Quest system consists of:

  • Learning Thai, Your Great Adventure
  • Learn Thai Alphabet with Memory Aids to Your Great Adventure
  • The Perfect Thai Phrasebook
  • How to Read Thai
  • The Learn Thai Alphabet web application (+ free iPad app)
  • The Learn Thai Numbers web application (+ free iPad app)

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